Micheal Savage and Stephen A Smith have me entertained the most! I was surprised to see that Stephen A Smith might be of a conservative mindset after hearing him on Mark Levin and MIGHT NOT BE FOR OBAMA (ya listen to it, YOU JUDGE!) (conservative talk show host)! Ya I know sounds crazy!

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I love sports talk radio. I love good talk radio. I've always had cable movies whatever. I have 250 channels I pay for but I still like my talk radio.

What sports radio station online does a pre game nyc and after? ONLINE!

Talk about talk radio! Good shows! Might be interesting!

I like talk about the middle east, russia, china, I like topics about how we pay 500 billion a year to china. It just puts things into perspective for me so I cant sweat small ****. I'm unlike most people I come in contact with because I am listening and reading to whats going on everyday around the world and I'm grateful!