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I want to do 4 divisions also.

Hey, I made the stat categories as follows

Field Goals Made - 2 pts
Free Throws Made - 1pt
3pt Shots Made - 2.5pts
Points Scored - 2pts
Off Rebs - 2pts
Def Rebs - 2pts
Assists - 2.5 pts
Steals - 2.5pts
Blocks - 2.5pts
Turnovers - -1pts
Fouls - -1pts
Games play - .5pts
Games Started - .5pts

I didn't include total rebounds, 3pt shots attempted, free throws attempted, field goals attempted.

I did the scoring system like this because it's as balanced as I tried to make it. Favors defensive players, assist guys, help defenders, centers who block shots, 3pt specialist, and offensive guys.

Example statline

Carmelo goes for 25 points = 50pts
8 - 21 FG = 16pts
1-5 3pt shots - 2.5 pts
7 turnovers - -7 pts
0 assist
11 rebounds - 22 pts
1 stl - 2.5pts
1 blk - 2.5 pts
Game played - .5pts
Game started - .5pts

Total stateline of 57.5 (I think, off the head math)
Plus the offensive board total bumps it up a bit. Should there be some sort of minimum penalisation for a really poor shooting game? Like a sub 35% outing? I dunno if that's even possible, but if someone goes out there (Kobe) and throws up a 10 for 33 game, then that's just in favour of sheer volume.

How intricate can the stats be?

For example, and I'm sure it's impossible but wanna throw it out there, if a member of your fantasy team hits a game winner.

I'm seriously gonna have to have a thorough go through with all the rules and so forth.

Can we please get a run down, Metro?