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Really? That seems weird... The standard categories for a fantasy league are PTS, REB, AST, STL, BLK, FT%, FG%, 3PM, TO

Didn't we use FGA at -0.5 to make this happen last year? That way you gain 1.5pt for FGM and 2pt for 3PM, plus a few more points for the PTS.

I prefer it that way, giving points for FGM and Points doesn't take into account poor volume shooting at all, doesn't punish you when your player shoots 30%.

I don't know but this scoring seems way different to last year? Maybe I'm wrong though. Would be nice to hear from isayugh what we had last year.

Srry I've been aboard and mad busy, so haven't been able to check in much....but, ya, idk exact details on last year (i'd havta look it up to be 100% precise), but we did have something that equated to FG%; like Smoke mentioned, there was a penalization for essentially taking a shot and not making it (per the example in Smoke's post).

It's a pretty huge thing. In last years league, there was a very big premium on efficiency -- guys who could drop 10-14 a night, with high efficiency, while collecting boards, blocks, etc, were very very valuable.

A guy like Kobe was still very good -- as even a night where he only shoots 30%, will still give a ton of points if he's still scoring a ****load.....but, a high volume scorer couldn't just beast while shooting 30%.

Rest of the scoring looks same as last yr to me.