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    This is how we had it last year:

    PTS: 0.5
    FGM: 1
    FGA : -0.45
    FTM: 1
    FTA: -0.75
    REBS: 1.5
    3PT: 3
    AST: 2
    STL: 3
    BLK: 3
    TO: -2

    The current scoring system you have set up is way out of whack. Inflates scorers, doesn't punish poor FG% or poor FT%.

    Apart from Crazy's suggestion of adding a differential for Offensive Rebounds vs Defensive, I don't think we should stray too far from this scoring system. It's built that way for a reason because it's meant to be balanced based on overall performance.

    I suggest we stick with the scoring above and perhaps give 1.75 or 2 for an Offensive Rebound.

    Fouls should not give minus points either.

    Let me show you why your current system doesn't work. Let's take a very basic statline, one guy goes for 20 pts another goes for a 10pt 10reb double double.

    In your system:

    10/10 guy - 50 pts
    20pt guy - 40 pts

    In the normal system:

    10/10 guy - 22.75 pts
    20 pt guy - 15.5 pts

    As you can see the % difference between the two performances is vastly reduced with your system, meaning simply scoring points is a faaaaaar more valuable attribute in this scoring system you have proposed.
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