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Ahh common this is not necessary.

Smokes is right actually.

We should go w what we had last season w slight mods maybe.

And that was def some bull**** you pulled last season lolz! oh shet forgot about that.

Can we pls for the love if christ keep this league legit??
Actually smokes isn't right, if he doesn't agree with my logic on the stats then he doesn't agree. You agree with his opinion that's fine. But I got my reasons for the stats and I'll be a funner league than last season. Give it a chance and don't be so anally tight about it.

I didn't pull off anything since the trade was vetoed so calm down my child.

This league is legit as it gets, just have a good draft and keep track of your waivers and players and you bring a legit performance all year, no weak stuff.