Comparison of the numbers side by side last years standard fantasy scoring on the left vs the proposed scoring system on the right. N/A indicates it is an unused category for that league.

PTS: 0.5 vs 1.5
FGM: 1 vs 1
FGA : -0.45 vs -0.5
FTM: 1 vs 0.5
FTA: -0.75 vs N/A
REBS: 1.5 vs N/A
DREB: N/A vs 2
OREB: N/A vs 2.5
3PT: 3 vs 3
3PTA: N/A vs -1
AST: 2 vs 2.5
STL: 3 vs 2
BLK: 3 vs 3
TO: -2 vs -1.5
FOULS: N/A vs -0.5

So last year a made bucket was worth a total of 1.55 points now it would be worth 3.5 points. Almost 130% increase in value.

A free throw was worth 0.25 points, now it would be worth 0.5 points. Another 100% increase in value.

A 3 pointer however goes from 4.05 points to 6 points nearly 50% increase in value.....

First problem:

Originally Posted by metrocard
I did the scoring system like this because it's as balanced as I tried to make it. Favors defensive players, assist guys, help defenders, centers who block shots, 3pt specialist, and offensive guys.
Apparently this favours 3 pt specialist, apart from the fact that a free throw and a normal field goal have been given a much larger role in this years suggested scoring.

Moving on...

An assist however goes from 2 to 2.5. A 25% increase. Second problem, any player who was getting a fair few points from their assists has been devalued. Even though metro states that this scoring system "favours assist guys" I start to think at this point he doesn't have a clue what he's doing.

But wait, there's more!

A steal apparently is now worth less! Steals go from 3 points a pop down to 2. A -33% straight decline in value.

But metro, your scoring system "favours defensive players" doesn't it? Oh but I forget that it also favours assist guys, help defenders, centers who block shots, 3pt specialist, and offensive guys. So pretty much any player in the league? Just as long as they don't steal the ball.

A rebound gets the same treatment as an assist going up by 25%. Another stat devalued compared to scoring.

Blocks stay the same with 0% increase. Another stat devalued compared to scoring.

While nearly every other positive stat has increased (apart from steals for some completely unknown reason, even to metro probably), and thus the negative points should also increase to counterbalance this, turnovers are apparently less of an issue this year.

Turnovers go from -2 to -1.5. Inexplicable.

Further, FGA take the most pointless, miniscule increase from 0.45 to 0.5, further enabling better point outings from lower FG% scorers, because it has not increased to balance the increase in points from scoring.

For some reason you've added fouls (lose points because your team had a foul to give), ejections (pointless) and games started (equally pointless).

Your system does the complete opposite of what you supposedly intended it to do. All it does it make scoring points more and more important, gives less of an impact on poor shooting, and less of an impact to every other fundamental aspect of basketball.

I can only conclude from this, that you are so emotional that you have just been spouting nonsense for the last 2 pages in an effort to be right here.

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