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Yeah my overall league performance was poor since I didn't have a clue how anything worked the first few months
Yea...we know. You finished 8th. Barely got into the playoffs. Don't make excuses. You had a crappy season.

Smokes, you can't win a debate with me. Heres why.
First of all, you got the categories wrong. Steals is 2.5, same as assist.
I also take away a -1 from 3PT Attempts, you need to recheck the entire stat category because you wasted an entire post on nothing. All your % values are invalid.

You point is weak.
You say my system values a variety of players.
It's a fair system them. Rebounders, Dimers, Scorers, and Defensive players all have value in my system.
No debate to that.

I didn't know the turnovers from 2.0 to 1.5 is such a big different for you to cry about especially when you have no point to this.

A free throw does not equal a FG made.
This is where the entire standard system fails.
Zero basketball logic.
League average for FG% is 45%
League average for FT% is 75%

FG's are harder to get, especially going against a defense.
Getting to the free throw line isn't easy either, but floppers like Blake Griffin and Paul master the art of it. Still, a free throw made and a field goal made do not share equal value. That's maxed out profound retardation and where the standard system ignores basketball logic.

I feel like little smokes here wants just to play according to Yahoo stats value and not actually follow the NBA game. He's never been bright in that side of the field, but then again it doesn't make sense since he was one of the worst players last year.

Rebounders get no love in the standard system. Offensive rebounding is not even a stat. It makes no sense since offensive rebounds are a critical stat in the game. Rebounding in my system is valued for it's important to the game. A rebound is more important than a steal. Teams who rebound more tend to be more successful.

The standard values do not correlate to the game of basketball. They're just based of the scarcity of the stat. If a stat is rare, then increase the value for it. But there's no basketball thought behind it. It makes the fantasy league artificially and least realistic. My league isn't about that, and if you've been a member on this site who hasn't seen basketball logic too well, losing many debates to many; with me being one who served you the most amount debate smashing in the past years.

Ejections, I was thinking about increasing the negative for it. If your player gets ejected and you don't know about it, you're a bad manager. I don't think its important but I do it'll make things interesting

Starters > Bench players. Anyone who has a starting role in the league is of value. This will keep fantasy members updated on depth charts and who's starting or even lost their starting role. This will very well be a interesting stat to keep track of.

Fouls, players should be deducted for fouls; most fouls happen when a defender gets beat or can't stop a shot of his opponent. Fouls are also controversial and should matter. When you're watching a game, and you have Tyson Chandler on your team, he makes a good defensive play but it gets called a foul...you want to be home sitting on your butt saying "Thank god those fouls don't count in fantasy, really would of screwed me up". We need more basketball analysis. Do your research, stay away from turnover prone and foul prone players, and have a successful league. It seems like you won't be finishing better than 8th this year, especially since theres no DaPrince in the league.

This was a terrible post on your half. You went on to say I'm going to need a therapist, but got most of the KOnline Stat Category wrong. It could of been an average post if you got the information right.

I'm not surprised. You can keep crying about the stats all you want, you're still going to lose and nothing is going to change in your favor because you've been acting like a senseless female about the entire situation. We appreciate you for bringing drama. Keeping the forum entertained and gives me someone to play around with.

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Comparison of the numbers side by side last years standard fantasy scoring on the left vs the proposed scoring system on the right. N/A indicates it is an unused category for that league.

PTS: 0.5 vs 1.5
FGM: 1 vs 1
FGA : -0.45 vs -0.5
FTM: 1 vs 0.5
FTA: -0.75 vs N/A
REBS: 1.5 vs N/A
DREB: N/A vs 2
OREB: N/A vs 2.5
3PT: 3 vs 3
3PTA: N/A vs -1
AST: 2 vs 2.5
STL: 3 vs 2
BLK: 3 vs 3
TO: -2 vs -1.5
FOULS: N/A vs -0.5

So last year a made bucket was worth a total of 1.55 points now it would be worth 3.5 points. Almost 130% increase in value.

A free throw was worth 0.25 points, now it would be worth 0.5 points. Another 100% increase in value.

A 3 pointer however goes from 4.05 points to 6 points nearly 50% increase in value.....

First problem:

Apparently this favours 3 pt specialist, apart from the fact that a free throw and a normal field goal have been given a much larger role in this years suggested scoring.

Moving on...

An assist however goes from 2 to 2.5. A 25% increase. Second problem, any player who was getting a fair few points from their assists has been devalued. Even though metro states that this scoring system "favours assist guys" I start to think at this point he doesn't have a clue what he's doing.

But wait, there's more!

A steal apparently is now worth less! Steals go from 3 points a pop down to 2. A -33% straight decline in value.

But metro, your scoring system "favours defensive players" doesn't it? Oh but I forget that it also favours assist guys, help defenders, centers who block shots, 3pt specialist, and offensive guys. So pretty much any player in the league? Just as long as they don't steal the ball.

A rebound gets the same treatment as an assist going up by 25%. Another stat devalued compared to scoring.

Blocks stay the same with 0% increase. Another stat devalued compared to scoring.

While nearly every other positive stat has increased (apart from steals for some completely unknown reason, even to metro probably), and thus the negative points should also increase to counterbalance this, turnovers are apparently less of an issue this year.

Turnovers go from -2 to -1.5. Inexplicable.

Further, FGA take the most pointless, miniscule increase from 0.45 to 0.5, further enabling better point outings from lower FG% scorers, because it has not increased to balance the increase in points from scoring.

For some reason you've added fouls (lose points because your team had a foul to give), ejections (pointless) and games started (equally pointless).

Your system does the complete opposite of what you supposedly intended it to do. All it does it make scoring points more and more important, gives less of an impact on poor shooting, and less of an impact to every other fundamental aspect of basketball.

I can only conclude from this, that you are so emotional that you have just been spouting nonsense for the last 2 pages in an effort to be right here.

smokes is here to help.
His breakdown was inaccurate, Crazy8s. Next time take the time look at the stats before you slap smokes on the butt.

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Nice breakdown, smokes.

I'm afraid that I'll have to agree, and say that changes will be necessary.

If we can't change, I shotgun the following starting 5:


Games Started (GS) .5
Field Goals Attempted (FGA) -.5
Field Goals Made (FGM) 1
Free Throws Attempted (FTA) -.25
Free Throws Made (FTM) .50
3-point Shots Attempted (3PTA) -1
3-point Shots Made (3PTM) 3.0
Points Scored (PTS) 1.5
Offensive Rebounds (OREB) 2.5
Defensive Rebounds (DREB) 2.0
Assists (AST) 2.5
Steals (ST) 2.5
Blocked Shots (BLK) 3.0
Turnovers (TO) -1.5
Personal Fouls (PF) -.5

That's the final change, unless iSayUgghh PM's me and wants me to change something up.

See thing is, iSay actually has bragging rights and ran the best team last year respectively. Where as Smokes was very close in battle with the inactive Prince, thankfully they had enough playoff spots for a sub .500 team. So for that, I'll let iSay make the call since he's the man of fantasy and knows what's best to make this a fun, productive and logical league, and that isn't you smoke.

Go kick rocks.