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Smdh re the bolded.

Metro is not mature enough to be moderator IMO and he's just barely handling this fantasy league appropriately. If you don't agree with him does foolish shet as we've seen in this thread, making threats etc. He just a doochey kinda guy.
Been a lot of people who agree and disagree with me, we all have our differences and you can ask a lot of them how well we mutually respect each other.

Don't need to project your insecurities and weakness into me. If you're an immature douche, you can keep that to yourself. No one in this thread cares.
I just don't take crap from anyone, so that's your problem.

I don't need to go over this again, this thread is not about fighting or arguing, send me a PM if you got beef.

No one wants to read crappy post based on hurt feelings.