Draft Grades continued...

Queens Division
The Beef Helmets - A
Despite not being present the first two rounds, made a comeback and got a lot of sleeper players and players who will contribute right away, expect moves from this team early, a team on a mission
Deron Williams, Kyle Lowry...two headed PG monster, Blake, Amare, and Harrington all projected 20 ppg scorers at the PF position...Rady is in need of a shot blocker with Joel Anthony only being the only guy left on the bench
KillorbeKilled - C
Carmelo Anthony, Pau Gasol, and Nicolas Batum. Rest of the roster doesn't appose much of a threat.

p0nder's Primetime - B
Obviously going to play the run and gun it long range style with an overload of 3pt specialist and shooters...basically you don't want to play this team when they're hot. Weakness resides in the rebounding and shot blocing, as well as assist.

Brooklyn Division
R'dam - C+
Chris Paul top 3 player, but next best players are Deng and KG, and beyond that not many double digit scorers. One of the best defensive teams in the league despite the fact.
#KnicksTape - B
I like this well, very well balanced with scoring options like Bryant, Wall, Milsap, Crawford, Anderson...good rebounders in Varejao and Humphries, and sleepers like Wilson Chandler and Harrison Barnes. Shot blocking with Dalembert and Camby.
WaterMELOn and DUI - A+
Who's going to outscore a roster of Parker, Johnson, Ginobili, Durant, Beasley, Kaman, Lopez, Young, Robinson...even McGee and Augustin score in double digits. This team is deep and strong, not too many holes and a great list of dynamic players with a lot of tools. Brooklyn division watch out.
New Jack City - B-
Nash can very well lead the league in assist and will be efficiency on his shooting, Iguodala is the best player in Denver and Aldridge and Noah are a strong duo inside. Bench is good, a lot of 25+min guys