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this is a question for commissioner Metro to deal with, to decide whether
non-players should be allowed to keep playing, or let their teams be taken
over by KO members who actually want to be part of KO fantasy league.

he's also got buddies (not) playing.

of course, this could be due to the Hurricane/Superstorm/Cyclone Bitch Sandy,
the nor'easter, or remorse over Obama's victory...? even iSayUghh's Pringles
lost their match due to non-play. Hope he's OK.

btw, who is Gangnam Style?
Everyone got until week 5 to show up.
Any interesting players may put their inquiry in here, and they'll fill in the spots.

My boy Zach (That's Amar'e) and Robert (The New Vegas Patriots) said they looking into their teams and will be active on trade proposal so you guys can hit them up.

Crossfacers says he's checking on his team daily.

Pringles and Gangnam style, I don't know their deal.