No. You said I just picked him up off waivers. I drafted HIM first, and picked him back off waivers.

That's Amare hasn't played yet so far? You're wrong once again off your premature ejaculated assumptions. That's Amar'e has played this year.

He missed a day or something, but so what? The Champion Pringles has been out of commission the entire year. Don't sweat it.

It's just really an butthole thing to do. Makes you guys look bitter and tasteless. Especially when you guys drop logic and hate on a fair deal as I explained.

Tyson Chandler got traded for Mo Williams.
Mo Williams is barely a top 20 point guard. Great shooter, but doesn't even get high up in assist or steals, one dimensional player.
Chandler is a top 3 center and top 10 center in fantasy. Had 20 double doubles last season.
That's a totally unbalanced trade. But it was ignored.

It's just theres a target on my name.
I just won't mess with the trading this season.
I'll stay messing with waivers and just play by myself if you guys want to be on nonsense.

Have fun.

Originally Posted by smokes
^ you did drop Novak though and pick him back up from Free Agents so my information is correct.

The deal is probably 60/40 it's not a horrible deal, the thing that stinks about it to me is it's just the same thing as last year. That's Amar'e has not played so far this year, has not set his lineups a single time in the past two weeks yet he magically appears to agree to a trade with you.

Let dudes prove they are actually playing before they start giving out players like candy.

Like 5 or 6 people's eyes widened at this trade, some of whom were not in the league last year and do not know of the shenanigans, so don't take it personally.