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    Originally Posted by Dzwonsson
    I thought the idea behind our own fantasy league was to keep it among respectful posters who rather avoid calling fellow forumers "profoundly or mentally retarted" or "not the brightest guys in the bunch". With all due respect metro, I appreciate what you've done for our community, but you simply crossed the line. What's next? Calling posters "retarded ****suckers" and "****ing faggots" because you feel butthurt they voted against your trade? Your behavior is beyond comprehension, fantasy league is about having fun, not about going on war with fellow posters.
    What sense does it make posting an emotional post but claiming someone is butthurt? and What the hell is the obsession with anal pain in this forum?

    You're taking this too personal.
    It's a competitive fantasy league.
    Don't be sensitive about criticism and excuse my way with words I've always triggered people to take things up the ass (I'm sure you guys were stimulated by that one, verbal masturbation for you anal fan boys)
    It's a message board and thoughts will expressed.
    This isn't Mr. Rodgers Neighborhood.
    The veto was pure senseless and asinine trolling to my roster. The reasoning behind it was as logical as US Gov't's War on Iraq. If you don't expect me to voice my mouth after such nonsense then you really live in a lollipop world with too much niceness. I'm good and nice to people who don't give me sh*t, if you throw crap at me, expect a couple jabs to the face.
    You guys may have been insulted by the evidence I provided to prove the trade was fair in both ways.
    Afflalo is superior to Novak, where as Jrue and Roy are more consistent and valued players in compared to Kemba and DeAndre. Balanced deal that was discussed between to the two parties. We went over this already, and I honestly don't care anymore because anyone who veto the trade is a complete jackass with a lot of hate in their heart, and my opinion on that can't be compromised. It was moronic and takes away the fun from the league, especially since a lot of you guys post low balling and lopsided trades that have no value to the person you're trading with. I can't believe how clownish you guys can be complaining people aren't participating and responding to these ludicrous and atrocious trade offers. I had to explain to people that this person didn't have a mental condition, I actually came to your defenses here. How can I make trade offers now with people who will veto fair trades and offer low ball trades? Of course I'm going to be outspoken about this. Why shouldn't I be? Because I'm a moderator or commish? I'm equal to you guys except I just have ability to move and merg threads. I have all the right to elaborate on my discontent for what went down.

    But the issue expired on Monday.
    Today it's Weds and you live in're suppose to be ahead of time here. I wanted this situation to be deaded already and move on the matchups this week.
    Put away the box of tissues and go worry about getting the lead back on my squad.
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