@metro: who's taking it too personal? Who's been whining around about a vetoed trade for the last couple of days? You seriously believe we're a bunch of haters who'll do whatever it takes to stop you from winning in fantasy? Damn, bro, you think too high of yourself. I thought the trade was unfair and wanted to know what's the story behind it. I made it clear I'll veto if you didn't clarify how it works out for both of you. I waited a couple of hours and before the trade was proceeded I vetoed as you didn't reply to my doubts. If you explained to me how you thought the trade was fair I wouldn't vote against it. Besides, if the issue expired on Monday why are you still crying on the fantasy site? You're overreacting metro, you've been changing the rules without making it public, then you're pulling a suspicious trade with your mate who everybody thought was inactive, again without telling anybody how it works. You're too much into winning, seriously, if you care so much you could let me know and I'd bench all my active players, so you can grab another W.