f*cking Andrew Bogus is this year's Spencer Hawes for me! last year i kept Hee-Hawes for 1/2 the season waiting for his stupid giant foot to get better and eventually dropped him, and now Bogus is plodding along getting injections and whatnot. fu*cker!

Gangrene Style with a healthy KevLove keeping his lead over CoolClyde's Bruisers.... c'mon Bruisers, you can do it! this weekend is KEY!

Nice matchup between New Jack City and KillorbeKilled, will both players set their lineups for the weekend? who wants it more? will NJC gon get this work, or get killed?

Coquis putting the mega-frog facial on Cross Facers! no contest there! key pickups by el commissioner make him the man to beat. even the Bruisers smell the fear in the air around King Coq...

amazing matchup between Beef Helmets and the non-playing Tingles4Pringles, who continues his winning ways without lifting a finger. T4P seems to have gone m.i.a., yet his powerteam, led by James Hardon, provides quality matchups with the same damn lineup for weeks! will the Beefy Smoky Helmets rise to the occasion and beat this dead man?

That's Amare and New Vegas Pats in a tighty whitey battle of 1-2's, that will be decided by an evenly matched weekend. Will the unibrow of Ant Davis come back to action to put the NVP over the top?

WaterMELOnbury and DUI trying to even his record over the RottingDamn Dwarfs. as Dzwons Son's euro-squad tries valiantly to overcome a small lead, he plays it coy, admitting defeat when victory is surely within grasp.

Rady's HotMice have their first rodent victory assured over #KnicksTape, who left Ryan Anderson on bench for 60+ points Friday night, this one's a given. congrats to the hot little mouse pricks.

and last but not least, veteran brainfarting by Multiple Scorgasms with a slim lead over p0nder's Primetime, who left Al Whoreford on bench for 60+ points. Can Scorgams overcome his absentmindedness earlier in the week where he left over 150+ points on the bench. will his pickup of Steve "can't do nothin but shoot 3's" Novak earn him a victory? it would be a damn shame to see this battle lost if p0nder doesn't set his lineup this weekend. who gives a damn about this league? who cares about competition?

Good luck to all, and to all happy holidays!