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WaterMELOnbury and DUI trying to even his record over the RottingDamn Dwarfs. as Dzwons Son's euro-squad tries valiantly to overcome a small lead, he plays it coy, admitting defeat when victory is surely within grasp.
As of now the Wharfies are 55.75 fantasy points behind and it seems it's tonight games that are going to decide if I'm able to pull out a W out of this matchup. WaterMELOn got Durant and Kaman as his main contributors while I'll be playing my guard combo of hoMo and HoMonta who, I hope, will get me some solid FPs. But it's the sleepers who'll be crucial for this matchup. I've got both Carl and Hawes, who are able to provide me with > 80 FPs combined, but who knows whether they're gonna shine or they're gonna fold and get me < 20 FPs? And last but not least, there are AJP and MWP, another inconsistent duo, Artest averaged 25 FPs over the last two weeks while AJP got me several 30+ FPs games, what will it be tonight? Only time will tell!