Yeah like metro says you have to look very deeply into a player before putting faith in them.

I'd say rono and Gangnam deserve to be praised as much if not more than I for their waiver shenanigans. I might give Gangnam the title if not for dropping Elton Brand, dude was bound to go off eventually though who knows what his role will be when Dirk returns?

Dz doing the business this week too, those quick fingers on Chauncey could pay off nicely, and I like the Mbah a Moute add, drafted that dude without realizing he was injured.

Coquis I'm just impressed with the speed at which he gets players added. I'm sitting watching NBA Game Time after the game and see Pargo going off for 28, go to look him up and he was already added an hour ago! The Coquis pounces quick!