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    Yeah man no disrespect to both sides on the trade. I'm definitely not one to veto. I understand people take time out of there day to look at rosters, propose trades, and message people.

    But if i ever do veto I will let it be known. I wont be sneaky about it.
    I honestly think Hotmice was not aware of Rubio's "tweek". This trade really dont equal out and i cant see Hotmice improving at all. Coquis meanwhile will be just fine. I will veto for the sake of keeping the league balanced, again no disrespect to anyone.

    On the other side I also dont think its fair for the veto to be 8/16 i think it should be more like 12/16. Or instead of a 2 day period for the veto a 1 day period.

    Metro made moves quick and hustled Hotmice. He should be credited for his quick decision making. Along with everyone else who is more active and aware of everything.

    The reason i say 12 out of 16 should be the veto is because i hate veto's. I feel like people in the league should be smart enough not to make retarded trades. Sometimes i wish if the two involved in the trade both "accept" then the trade should go through right then and there. Also because some in the league dont get along or should i say have rivalry's or hold grudges that instantly click veto when they see that person trading.

    Some people actually have plans on making future moves or they have high hopes on a player they like a lot. No 1 can get in their heads and actually understand what their FULL plan's are.
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