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Ahh, you guys know I'm staying, but I think it's bogus that trades that aren't lopsided get vetoed.

No trades are really 50/50, it really depends on who you value more; and no one has the same value system.

With that said, it takes away the fun for me.

I really like trading and rebuilding my team within the season. I don't think it helps the league progress when you veto a fair trade, I'm not really going to waste my energy on defending why my trade with the HOTMICE shouldn't have been vetoed, if you need an argument for it then you're an butthole. I don't even want to hear why it was vetoed because it's pretty much a dead horse right now.

Hey, the veto system has it's good...I opened it up for everyone to have some sort of power in the league and I didn't want you guys to feel like since I'm commish, it was me "cheating" you guys like last year; since I'm the painted bad guy. I'm not just enjoying it being used against me so illogical...wheres the sense in this

Lets consider the people who veto these trades are the ones who throw you INSANE lopsided trade offers expecting you to accept. The entire value system and logic is poor quality. You gotta question some of these people, but venting is over, back to playing.
I gotta agree pretty whole heartedly with this.

The trade that was vetoed really wasn't bad at all IMO. At first glance of the numbers you might think so but no.

Davis vs Griffin: Griffin currently averaging and projected higher but these figures have been skewed by Davis' recent injury. I'd say they hold roughly equal value.

Rubio vs Lillard: Lillard is way better right now but over the remainder of the season that gap would diminish.

Vasquez vs Barea: Vasquez way better long term fantasy player.

Every time I send out a trade I try to make it worthwhile in some way to the other player. Either they need a particular position to strengthen their roster or they lack depth on their team or they need active players over injured ones to compete etc. Every trade I offer there's always SOMETHING in it for the other guy, even if they don't perceive it to be worth it in terms of player exchange.

Apart from metrocard, no one in this league has sent me a trade that actually makes any sense to me whatsoever. Some people offer you trades and when you try to negotiate over it, it becomes clear they were just trying to rape you from the start.

I respect metro a lot as a GM to be willing to give away players who are clearly going to provide a big impact, because he sees things that others don't.

Who else in this league would have the balls to trade Jrue for Kemba? Or throw out Rubio and Davis at very low value? I know I wouldn't take those kinda risks.