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hmmm. damn Byron Mullens out for a month with sprained ankle. normally i'd stash the guy,
he's a pretty solid player capable of very big nights.

but with a serious matchup against the undefeated smokey beef helmets next week, maybe someone
wants to tender a trade offer to the Bruisers to help fortify my lineup for next week's battle?

quite surprised by the trade between Soupastars and Gangnam Style, with the latter having one
of the best teams in the league. but i think i understand GS motives. getting Bosh for Jennings
is a decent trade, and getting Collison (with Derek Fisher retiring) is a good deal, and
Andre Drummond is turning into a force to be reckoned with.
Losing Shawn Marion (with Dirk coming back) makes sense, as well as Zaza (who cares) and
Alonzo Gee (he's OK). winning deal for Gangnam Style, i like the way he thinks.
Clyde, stop cramping my style!!! Well, it's all strategy; now we have to see if it comes to fruition. Nonetheless, you have me figured out.