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Beef Helmets trade with That's Amare:
Larry Sanders + Kyrie Irving for
Goran Dragic + Zach Randolph

props to the Helmets for keeping things flowing on the trade end of things.
picking up Larry Sanders at the time he did was genius and turning him into
a trade asset for 2 excellent players is the essence of fantasy trading. props.

right after Dragic goes down with a broken back is a gutsy move.

i'm still so pissed i dropped Sanders after less than a week.
that's my fantasy league this year in a nutshell.

Haha, broken back! Let's hope not

This trade makes sense on all levels for me but damn, it's so hard to trade away Kyrie and Sanders, Sanders especially.

The Beef Helmets have 1-2 other trade offers pending, and the injuries that I could potentially be nursing may give CoolClyde's Bruised Bruisers more than a fighting chance