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Dragic isn't out for long, he said he plans to play on Friday. TBH, I think this trade is a bit lopsided to the benefit of an already Beefy team. Although I don't think it's veto worthy, I could see how someone would.

Good thing is league is Head-to-head, or else no one else would have a chance.
It's quite up in the air really, regardless of Dragic injury, just look at his play recently, it's been dire. I'm banking on him returning to good form, and given how crappy PHX are it's a risk for sure.

This was actually a counter offer from That's Amar'e, in response to my original offer which was Kyrie Bynum Seraphin. He's obviously high on Larry Sanders, who wouldn't be.

My team is definitely scary looking but so are a lot of peoples. The Bronx Veto's worried me a lot but then he just gave away two solid role players for free?! Gangnam Style is an extremely scary team and CoolClyde's Bruisers and Scorgasms both have great teams overall.

A lot of teams in the league are 1 or 2 good free agent adds away from being elite. My team would be so much worse if I hadn't made the adds of Henderson, Sanders and Bledsoe.

I also still like the looks of a lot of the trades I made for the other guys.

rady got Lillard who's still outperforming D-Will to this day, Tristan Thompson and Barea who have both been beasting for the last couple of weeks, for Deron and Drummond.

dzwonson got Monta, Gortat, Deng, Dirk, Hawyard and Hawes from me, most of these guys are solid players, Dirk could be top 20 and Hawes is finally hitting his potential. I received Gasol, CP3, Rubio and Asik.

CA7 was doing great with Tyreke for Nash until Tyreke went down.

Soupastars might have got the worst of it, I picked the absolute perfect time to deal for Harden and George and went after that trade fiercely (I'd been waiting since day 1 to trade for Harden). Both those dudes had been somewhat slumping and the day they arrived they turned it around and went beast mode. Having said that, he had 1 PG on his roster who was demoted to Derek Fishers backup. Nash returned to go absolute beast as expected, and Deron has the potential to break into that top tier PG category now with the coaching change. What I don't get is that he wanted Drummond bad enough to offer me Hickson, but then traded away Drummond for like, nothing.