LeBron James has left the Bruisers! thanks for all the offers, but I've decided to go with Gangnam Style's mega-trade:

CoolClyde Bruisers trade:

LeBron James
Glen Davis
Luke Ridnour

for Gangnam Style's:

Kevin Love
Nikola Pekovic
Ray Allen

trading away the greatest fantasy player could be the lamest move I've made all season, but it seems I keep getting worse no matter what I do, and I'm fading with Mullens/Big Baby being injured for weeks, so I've decided to obtain the immediate impact of Minny twinny towers, and hopefully Rubio's return to health shall lift them to even greater heights. If KevLove gets back to form, he could become one of the top fantasy players. When BigBaby gets healthy, he could easily surpass Pekovic's numbers, and Luke for Ray Allen is fair enough.