props to Beefy Helmets and Gangnam for snatching up Jimmy Butler and John Henson respectively.

let that be a lesson to all who use up 4 allowable moves within a week, days before the week ends. like me. over and over.

another lesson i've painfully learned: don't give up on players because they've had a bad couple games, or you want to fill their space with someone who's playing.

I gave up on Larry Sanders after owning him for a few days, right before he turned superstar. I just waived Alan Anderson because of a couple bad games (not knowing he was popped in the mouth), as well as dropping Isiah Thomas, Elton Brand, and now-doing-well Tyler Zeller, who i had a feeling about.

Another lesson learned. don't trade the best players in the league. I started off with Lebron and Rondo, and I now own one of the most mediocre teams in the league.

Hopefully i will learn my lessons next year.

also, props to Faghardo Coq-heads who did not bend over for Beef Helmets this week, and are about to deliver the first loss to the only undefeated squad in KO Fantasy.

and props to Gangnam Style, he's got my number this year (2 devastating losses), and now owns the #1 fantasy player in the league.