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    Rivalry Week Roundup!

    A big week of fantasy comes to a close with some huge wins and close games all around the league. The playoff picture remains very murky after a few upsets close the gap in the middle of the pack.

    The Beef Helmets drop their first game of the season to metrocards homo bend over c0cks. Rondo's near quadruble double on Sunday sums up the Beefsters week (8 points 9 rebs 15 assists 9 turnovers) as a multitude of choke performances from studs Harden and Dragic compound the Beefsters injury woes and put a mark in the L column. A great example of how a couple of injuries can make teams slip in the rankings, and why you should keep pushing for the playoffs even with a sub .500 record!

    That's Amare predictably takes the W over Cross Facers (now Blob City). My dude Chris fought a valiant weekend effort to try to come back but it wasn't enough after the early week benchings by slacky mcslackface.

    Soupastars stomps on a banged up DemPiffCityAllstars team. DemPiff needs to work very hard immediately to have even a glimmer of hope of seeing postseason action.

    WaterMELOn n DUI makes a solid weekend comeback over New Vegas Patriots to snatch victory from the jaws of defeat! As predicted in last weeks preview, the four games of KD tipped him over the edge as he sneaks a 40 point win.

    p0nder's Primetime taking a shock victory over the usually damaging Multiple Scorgasms team! Another perfect example of injuries allowing for some of the lesser scoring teams in the league to grab wins and push their way up the standings.

    New Jack City getting back on track over Killorbekilled, solid win to put him straight back into the mix in Brooklyn division. The three top teams in this division are so close on record and points with identical division records!

    R'dam Wharfies display of sportsmanship may come back to haunt him as he leaves three players on the bench and leaves the door open for HOTMICE to step to their 5th win and get right back in the playoff picture. Only a few weeks ago this team was third from bottom and now they sit mid table!

    And lastly CoolClyde has to concede defeat to Gangnam Style who rockets to the biggest score of the week and all of a sudden is the hottest team in the league. Gangnam will surely be eyeing the rank 1 spot now with Beef Helmets reeling from injuries and an unfavourable schedule coming up.

    After this break, we will explore the...

    Hold on a second, breaking news here coming through my headset.

    Sources from yahoo! Sports are confirming that a deal has been struck between The Beef Helmets and Multiple Scorgasms! The red hot Paul George is leaving the Helmets along with Jason Thompson and Byron Mullens, whilst Stephen Curry, along with big man prospects Bismack Biyombo and Derrick Favors will say farewell to Scorgasms.

    The Beef Helmets taking another huge risk with the addition of players who must improve post-all star break for the deal to pay off. Not to mention the addition of "The Ankle" Stephen Curry.

    Alright ladies and gentlemen, check back after this break for previews of next weeks Fantasy Basketball League with huge games taking place all around the association.

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