Week 13 Previews & Predictions

Another highly competitive week of KO.com Fantasy Basketball approaches, the standings are starting to get shaken up, the coming weeks of fantasy are probably the most important of the year. Traditionally a team or two will slack when they see their playoff hopes diminish so getting ahead at this point could be crucial.

Free Agency right now could be at its juiciest for several weeks. I'm not dropping anymore names but there are a few huge names swimming around right now.

On to the matchups:

The Beef Helmets vs Gangnam Style - The hottest record in the league goes against the hottest team in the league. Unfortunately this matchup was decided weeks ago when the Helmeteers traded away 200+ points a week for injured players. Although the Helmets get some help arriving on Wednesday it's unlikely to be enough.

Faghardon C0cks vs HOTMICE - The C0cks are probably a little too hot to handle right now, although HOTMICE is on a roll and Tim Duncan may have some ambiguous injury (?). If HOTMICE can play free agency well he could sneak a win from a top team.

That's Amare vs p0nders Primetime - Backing my Queens brethren here to take the W against That's Amare. The return of Iman Shumpert does bolster That's Amare's hopes however and p0nder will have to play well to take care of business here.

DemPiffCityAllstars vs Blob City - Newcomer to the league Blob City will be looking to take advantage of a beat up team to put their first notch in the W column, and condemn DemPiff to a likely last place finish.

WaterMELOn and DUI vs Multiple Scorgasms - Scorgasms looking to bounce back after a horrible week of chokes and painful injuries to top ranked players CP3 and The Ankle. Another four game week for Durant gives WaterMELOn some hope, but Scorgasms record speaks for itself.

New Vegas Patriots! vs New Jack City - The battle of the News!... *crickets* ahem. Although it appeared New Jack City had made a dubious trade giving up top ranked big man Joakim Noah, however the deal may have paid off after leading the team to their first win in several weeks.

R'Dam Wharfies vs CoolClyde's Bruisers - R'dam plows on with a tough stretch of schedule that has seen him drop two games to HOTMICE but win a shocker over Gangnam Style. However a fully healthy Bruisers squad might be too tough to overcome. This is probably the most difficult matchup to call. Both teams have their free agent/low level players stepping up lately with the likes of Kyle Singler, Lamar Odom, Jared Sullinger and Earl Clark playing great, just to name a few! This could well come down to a free agent fightout!

Soupastars vs Killorbekilled - Another tough matchup to call but with Soupastars being the more active player he gets the nod here. He's made one or two great free agent additions and has room for one or two more with a feast of players available right now.

smokes' Weekly Fantasy Tips

I've decided to turn this into a weekly thing, to help everyone get some insight into some advantages you can gain when playing fantasy. We have a pretty competitive league this year and I'm predicting next year to be even better with everyone here playing better and better each week.

This week I'm going to give you a double helping of tips to celebrate this new feature!

Transaction tips: Free Agency and Trading

As well as the next few weeks being important in our league for getting set for a playoff push, the coming weeks are extremely big in the NBA. Two annual milestones are approaching that can help you get an edge.

The NBA All Star Game takes place on the weekend of February 15th and traditionally this is the point in the season that ambiguous teams start to lock in their rotations, either to make a playoff push or to develop young talent. This means some players getting up and down minutes could stabilize/increase their role and breakout into being very solid players down the stretch. I can see a few dudes who have a good chance of busting out after the All Star Game and putting up big numbers down the stretch...

Hints: (format FIRSTNAME | LASTNAME)

_ _ _ _ N | I _ _ _ S _ _ _

A _ _ _ _ | _ _ U _ _ O _ _

M _ _ _ _ _ | _ H _ _ _ T _ _

^ All of these players are currently owned but that's what trade feature is for! Of course there are players in similar situations in free agency too...

Coming up a week after the All Star Game, the NBA Trade Deadline hits on February 22nd. Trades obviously have major implications for certain players. For example I just gambled on Derrick Favors due to the very good chance that Al Jefferson or Paul Millsap will be dealt and he will step into a starters role.

Players going to new teams could go crazy or go cold, and the players surrounding them could step into bigger roles or be pushed down the depth chart to make room. Foresight and a bit of luck can go a long way here to transforming your team into a powerhouse.

We'll be back next week for another helping of Sunday's KO.com Fantasy Roundup.

In victory or defeat, we can all rejoice in boobies...