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I'm sure you won't take any advice from me considering you've always has a chip on your shoulder when I voiced my opinion on your trade in the past, but to give you some insight on the questions you raise:

I'm not the one that should be questioned on "integrity." Perhaps you need to reference the dictionary before using that term since based on your actions deemed as "shenanigans" is what questions your "integrity."

I would never have questioned your lineup changes if it wasn't for your past. I don't question whether your a good competitor, which you are, only whether I can trust you.

I'm open to managing my team on the condition that metro hands over the keys to smokes, if he's open to it. Otherwise it's probably better I don't play. I'm sure metro's pride will prevent him from stepping down willingly especially to keep me in the league, so I have no expectations.
You voiced yourself on the trade, but like what recently showed, you didn't do your research and didn't look like smart in the end because the facts were always against you. There's no chip on my shoulder, just muscles. I think you jumping ahead of things made was your downfall here, in vetoing trades and accusing me of being a cheater. So you leaving wasn't really a major concern of mine, it's unfun to play fantasy with people like that. You would have an argument if you weren't so eager to jump to conclusions and conspiracy theories.

I've done nothing wrong to hand over my keys, and I definitely won't step down because you made a mistake you can't take responsibility for and want to put your mess on my hands. Which is always the case, metrocard has the bad guy rep so maybe I'll get away with accusing him of this. Well, you lost your cool and lost your squad. Good job.

You would actually have credibility to your words, like I said if the facts didn't go against you. Vetoing reasonable trades and accusing me of cheating of Tim Duncan benching for CHRIS Johnson when Yahoo allowed me to do it hours before Johnson's and Duncan's game. Doesn't make any sense. You're reaching too far for nothing.

Therefor, your consideration is ignored and holds no value and I wouldn't even considerate it not because of pride, because you have no reason here and you made a blunder you've taken no responsibility for.

I've made my mistakes and I've admitted them, but it's been a powerful season so far, and I'll take some credit for that for making this league deeper and creating 4 divisions to spice up the playoff run. I just try my best to make this league fun. You can ignore the good and focus on the bad, I don't care man. Live your life negatively, it won't bother me. Use meaningless psychology and assume I have this chip on my shoulder, it won't really change anything. I'm still going to be myself, commish the league, leap over teams and be the Coquis. Positive or negative criticism doesn't affect, I am open to discussing them and I don't hold any stubborn views because I've been open to every suggestion by every member of this league. But if the suggestion is unreasonable, then it's sensible for me to object.