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I can see why you guys would have issue with this trade. But you need to do a deeper analysis to really see why this trade makes sense.

Over the 2 games before all star break after CP3 returned to the lineup, Bledsoe put up >>> 9 <<< fantasy points.

As you know I've had Bledsoe for 90% of the season, I traded him to Blob for Gee in the first place, back when they were virtually dead even on fantasy points. Sure Bledsoe has a higher average now since he started for 3 weeks, but he ain't a starter anymore. Player values change.

LAC has the worst schedule in the NBA from here on out, they have the least games. Cleveland has one of the top schedules of any team in the league.

It's a risk vs reward trade. I'm trading on the hope that Bledsoe gets traded to a favourable situation, Blob is trading believing that he won't and wanting to get a starters minutes player on his team who also has a much nicer run of games.

When I'm the one doing a deal, everyone is eyeing up that deal and trying to find an angle, because I have a strong team.

When Watermelon COMPLETELY RAPES Soupastars no vaseline with a barbed wire condom, y'all let that trade go through no blinking an eye.

Please, keep an eye on these trades too, not just dudes like me and metro who are notorious for managing to do good deals.

This is the sentiment I resent. I've been more than up front and transparent about all my dealings with Blob, as I know trading with friends is kinda contentious in this league.

Before I traded for Rose, I spent a week basically bigging up his team and encouraging people to trade with him. I repeatedly pointed out that HE WILL TRADE ROSE THIS WEEK and iirc he got 1 crap offer. People hated on that trade too and look what it did for his team. My dude wants to win, he isn't doing anyone any favours least of all me.

And you only have to go to the top of this page to see that I stated the Gee for Bledsoe trade days ago and no one raised an eyebrow then, only now.

Anyway, you are all free to veto as you see fit. I will not be mad, and I'm not trying to convert anyone's opinion on whether this trade is fair or not. I am however getting tired of the implications that I'm doing dodgy sh*t as commish by editing the schedules, these are the schedules that should have been in place from day 1 but when Metro decided he wanted to give Gangnam Style a hard time and put him up against me, Coquis, Scorgasms and Clyde in 4 consecutive weeks it screwed the schedules so I fixed them. And further that any deal that takes place between me and Blob is shenanigans as both of these trades were well publicized by myself before going through.

Well, I feel bad for vetoing it, Smokes made 100% sense here.

I just fear how dominant smokes can be in the playoffs.