Nah man, I hold a strong policy that every trade should be fair. I always look into how the trade partner can benefit from my players and how I can hold it down. I gave you Holiday easily, so you can't front like I'm always into only improving myself. I'm into making this a fun competitive league because if I wanted to be a dick, I could of kept Irving and Holliday to myself.

That's 100% horse crap.

Slump or not, Harden was averaging 25/5/5/2stls ...way better than Deron's 15/8
Nash vs George doesn't even compare.
Nash didn't play any games in November and was still an injury played, and it's not like he was going to average the numbers he did in Phoenix playing with Kobe. George slumping or not produced more value than Nash and it wasn't even a balance deal if you trade those two straight up.

Hickson vs Drummond is probably as lopsided as the previous two. Hickson was averaging a double double playing 29 minutes a game and was consistent. Drummond struggle to get off the bench.

Drummond has a bright future?
Fool, this is fantasy basketball, not real life. lol

That deal was pure rape, and it never made sense why I had deals veto when this was the most unbalanced deal in this season of FB. That's why I don't like to hear crap from you guys because this ain't the only deal that blows a lot of nuts and takes away competition from the league. You can't cry about vetos or what not when you're on a mission to rape everyone on a deal.

I'm putting the shenanigans on you guys.

Metrocard is the good guy.

Cool Clyde trading LeBron will never make sense, but when does Clyde ever make sense? lol

Originally Posted by smokes
You, do me a favour? LOL get real! We both know any trade between you and I, you thought you were going to get the better of it.

And that trade was just good foresight on my part. Harden and George were both slumping at the time averaging about 28-30 fantasy points, I jumped on them as soon as Soupastars took over that team as I was well aware they were both likely to improve and they did.

The most nonsensical part of that trade was my offer was:

George + Harden


Deron + Nash

Soupastars countered with the Hickson for Drummond addition. Which hey wasn't that bad, Drummond definitely has a very bright future. But then he went and traded Drummond away for virtually nothing and lost basically the only bit of value he gained in the deal.