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BTW, COOL CLYDE...your team may fall to PATRIOTS, how embarrassing would that be after all the crying you displayed over his clowning.

I granted Patriots access to adjust his lineups. He violated the trade policy, therefor he has no transaction access. But I believe in respect to competition to the league, we shouldn't have a dead team and have Blob City, Helmets, Scorgasms and Wharfies get easy wins just like that. It's cheap and it doesn't make anything interesting.

Patriots will adjust his lineups tomorrow and we will see who wins between him Clyde who's in danger of losing a playoff spot.

If Clyde loses tomorrow, teams records could look like this

1. 15-2 Helmets
2. 14-3 Displacers
3. 12-5 Coquis
4. 10-7 Scorgasm

and heres where the madness comes in

Cool Clyde 9-8
Wharfies 9-8
Melon DUI 9-8
NJC 9-8
SoupaStars 9-8
Primetime 8-9

4 out of 6 teams will make the playoffs...you still have Blog City creeping up on people and destroying teams with his current win streak.
true, whatever.

if i lose, only makes the playoff picture more interesting. more power to all KO members.
your rapping boy is still a dick for giving up like that. i think it's fine that he gets to adjust
his roster, the fair thing to do. THANKS METRO!

btw, i think Displacers just fu*cked his team royally with both those trades.
HotMice are gonna be tough rodents to contend with.
but if Rady gets his playoff spot after the close games he's lost,
i can only wish him the best....he's the godfather of KO! props!