ain't it strange how New Veg Ass-Patters gave up on the season,
bending over to let his boy Metroflex rape him silly via trade attempt,
yet continues to add/drop players when the season is over for him?
ya know what I think?

commisshenanigans, that is. this league is tainted, no matter which way
you look at it. i've never seen such nepotism, allowing your friends to take
over good teams, changing of rules, and behind the scenes maneuvering.

i'll keep playing because i'm deep into the competition, but why don't you
guys just let the season evolve organically instead of using your power to
your advantage? Knicks Online has suffered because of one person's power
trip, just give it a rest and let the fantasy league play out fairly.

for those out of the playoffs, at least take some pride and set your lineups,
like Dem Piff City Allstars. KillorBeKilled, who hasn't said a word in smack
talk or this KO thread all season, gave up this week and killed the competition.

not setting your lineups this deep into the season is reprehensible. at this point
you should know how the league works, and that you can set your lineups through
the end of the season in 5 minutes. you make a trade or pick up a player off
waivers, and then forget you have to reset your lineups? LAME.

once again, if you're not a KO member and you're not going to be part
of the competition OR the conversation, then don't join the league.

can't wait for the wah wah wah fu*ck you replies.