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DeAndre and Gordon for Gortat and Hayward? You kidding me?
I should have proposed this before Heyward got back. he is balling right now straight off his injury unlike gordan who is just starting to put up better FPs.

I proposed alot since taking over just cause I want the team to feel like my own (10 out of 15 players are new.) I dont like bosh and wanted him gone badly. i dont even like lebron but he's been sick and respect those numbers to much. Yesterday, he gave me 90fps.

For the most part this league is active and glad those trades went through even though most of you think I gave up to much. Those trades proved that I try to be fair and may take subtle risk that may work against or for me so ya'll need to think before rejecting to fast. I know some might be unfair but most are fair.

As far as shenanigans go; as long as enough of us are active they wont exist which was proved by last weeks vetos and metro locking patriots trading privileges.