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Im telling the truth just like i always do. N u questioning my intellect is funny. Ive prob done more in a yr than u have in your whole life.

Again i'll say it.. cause people round here seem to forget. Im not the guy that traded w datprince who was inactive for weeks, actually pretty much the whole season, to get an edge. Youre a worthless cheater. Thats all there is to it.

Rono has ran out of things to say he's gone to the point of bringing up the Prince situation that has happen well over a year . He's not even staying relevant to this season. How lame can you be?

Does that haunt you in your sleep? You're really depressed papa, go accomplish something. Haven't seen confidence this low ever in my life.

By the way, if you're telling the truth (no one has been accusing you of lying) why would you have to state you're saying the truth? Wouldn't a person who sees no truth in their words need to state that to reinsert to readers that they're trying to sell the truth when they're really full of crap? Am I right or am I right?

You know better to get into a conflict with me, you gain nothing and lose everything...it's been the cased. As you walk away logging out this forum with your head down with poor depressed body posture and going to back to your sheety life, you'll realize I own you soul and you forever be my inferior. I do pity you, at the same time I hope the best for you. I bullied guys like you in high school so, this is second nature to me. Trust me, it can be worst.

Now go do some pushups, your confidence is falling.