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Lol, even if he returns to practice next week and to games the week after (best case scenario) that trade was still BS

I'll repeat: Barea + Drummond for Bledsoe + Speights go
I see the deal as equal, therefor I decline because I have a personal hard on Barea and Drummond.

Gasol gives 31 FP per game, Lee 38 FP per game, Drummond 25 FP, and Gortat gives like 30

I was getting back Igoudala who averages 28 FP, Asik, 29 FP, Henderson - 23 FP and Koufos who averages like 24 FP

It wasn't that lopsided. You guys are overreacting.

It was more of a hit and miss trade, especially with Gasol and Drummond returning and Gortat returning 3 weeks from now.

I wasn't given up **** players, all these guys give you 30 FP or more per game on average. They return in 2-3 weeks which isn't alot because theres over a month of the season left. It may have well very been my loss coming into April, where I have gained active players for the rest of March. You guys suck