Who do u got winning this?

I dont know what to say at this point, all 3 fights were very close. Juan Marquez is one of my favorite boxers, I wish i could say i think he'll win but i think Manny will win another very close fight. The only way Marquez can win is if he doesnt rest at all, hes gotta constantly apply pressure and look to counter less. He'll take more punches but i think he could win that way. Manny has slowed down, he lost to bradley because he kept only fighting the last minute of most the rounds. And Marquez cant give away the last round this time either, he has to leave no doubt. Pacman can say what he wants but i expect him to fight the same way he did in his last few fights. I cant remember the last fight where he didnt complain about leg cramps, I dont see him fighting constantly through every round.