No veía un puño así desde que Sexy Sergio mato a Paul Williams.

Justice for Juan Manuel Marquez. Dude was robbed TWICE.

He's the better fighter, head to head, and he's been proving it, and he JUST proved it.

He's older, has been through more wear, harder fights, and just got that **** done. The last time that Manny Pacquiao was knocked out in a fight, he was a flyweight fighting in his 28th pro fight (1999)

This makes Floyd look pretty good, he outclassed JMM. Floyd wishes he fought Pacquiao now & probably will want to fight him after this. Never doubted he did, Pacquaio's camp always asked for too much, and Floyd never wanted a 50/50 split with an inferior fighter. People who box know guys like Marquez and Mayweather will always beat a guy like Pacquiao. When you have sloppy footwork and bounce all over the place, you'll waiting to get rocked with a giant shot. That's boxing, and right now Mayweather and Marquez are the two best boxers along with Martinez.

Also, I'm pretty sure somewhere Mayweather is like...

Amateur and casual boxing fans who don't really care about the sport only about the famous fighters just assume Pacquaio was this Jordan figure which is not true at all.

It's the death of Pacmania and I'm glad. I've been a boxing fan since 96 and Pactards have been the worst of the worst.

Skills pay the bills.
4-0 baby.
Pacquaio got Hattoned and I love it.

Pac is a G tho. Get's brutally KTFO and then gets up much later and he's smiling and congratulating Marquez

No crying from Pac, he's a G

Respect to Marquez. He deserves this!

Goodnight Sweet Prince...