Pacquaio was never as great as people tried to make him out to be. He was a more athletically gifted version of Arturio Gatti. An action fighter with a lot of heart, but serious skill defeciency.

Pacquaio only become a big name because people were looking for someone who could dethrone Floyd and Pacquiao became the "Great Filipino Hope" You can't go around lunging in and out like a mad man, throwing punches on one leg and compete with the best fighters in the world.

Pacquaio got himself knocked out. He threw that bull**** jab where he jumped in while throwing it and jumped straight into the overhand right. Reminiscent of Hatton lunging face first into the check hook. Those are amaterur moves. He was able to get away with that with face first brawelrs like Margarito, Hatton, and zombie de la hoya. But ever time he got in there with a skilled counterpuncher like Marquez, he got a boxing lesson and needed the judges to bail him out. Well not tonight. He finally became the knockout waiting to happen that he was. You can't jump in an and out like a Maniac with skilled fighters. He woulod've been picked apart even worse by Floyd.

Tonight the rest of the world finally saw Pacquaio exposed for he really was by a much slower, but much more skilled 40year old mexican warrior. Pacquaio has always been a great. but non elite action fighter, and never had the skill set to be the best p4p fighter in the world.