Hey fellas, the board seems to be getting a bit stagnant just before camp starts so I thought I'd breathe some life into it with a picture thread. Same as usual write a paragraph based on your choice and let's get some good O & B discussion going!

First thing you see in this photo is us kicking Miami's ass (and them flopping like b!tches). Man I hope this happens but most of all I hope this season brings a full resurgence of toughness that defined the Knicks of the 90s. Pickups like Camby, Thomas & rumoured Sheed are great moves by the FO to join the manhandling defensive duo of Chandler and Shumpert.

Even though getting over the hump of Miami is a big task, I expect our potential to be a ECF appearance. Regardless of how far our Knicks get this year, I expect defensive intensity and toughness to be present in every game.