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    Players aside I just listened to Woody's presser and seriously, man sounds uberprofessional, finally after years of D'Antoni's senseless twaddle this ball club has got a coach who actually knows what he says and makes damn sure everybody listens.

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    Originally Posted by KBlack25
    The message was clear early: No Lin talk.

    I like it - shows that the Knicks are focused, no distractions, no off-season bullcrap. Just focused on winning this year and winning now. I like the attitude early.

    I don't like that Ray said he came in out of shape b/c he didn't think there'd be a season. To me that's not a good look. As long as he avoids the cupcakes and works hard, though, he could be huge for us.
    If he doesn't avoid the cupcakes he will be huge for us.

    Sorry, it was too easy. And I'm a Ray fan.

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