man, the 3-hour training camp special on MSG is MUST-SEE TV gents! one of the best inside looks at the team ever. interviews with everyone, and full-on access to the entire training process. here are some of the highlights, IMHO:

the comaraderie - everyone seems to get along, lots of smiles and support

Felton looks like he never left NY - in shape, hitting his shots, and the man has a TON of confidence. a true PG who's not averse to listening to JKidd. I think Felton will make everyone forget JeremyLin fast.

Amar'e in GREAT shape
Melo in FANTASTIC shape

Larry Johnson talking to Copeland on the sidelines
Copeland hanging with Melo during stretching

Rasheed working very hard to get in shape. whoever the tiny coach is working him out seems to know what he's doing. non-stop activity on the sidelines.

Kurt Thomas/Marcus Camby/JKidd - veterans with knowledge

JKidd is not only one of the best PG's who ever played the game, and is not only a mentor, but a player/coach who can only make everyone around him better on and off the court

DEFENSITY! Woodson is the defensive coach Clamtoni never was or will be. The entire mindset of the Knicks starts with defense, and it looks like the Knicks will be THE best defensive team in the NBA.

Clyde loving the team, loving what everyone is saying, and agreeing with mostly everything being taught in training camp

Shump looking great! they say he won't be back until January, because they want him 100%, but he looks in excellent shape, great haircut, and he was hitting ALL his shots working with phenom shooting coach Hoopla.

Ronnie Brewer working hard! all signs point to him starting at the 2. with Felton feeding Amar'e, Melo and Chandler, I'm happy to have a defense-first shooting guard. perhaps the SG should stand for STOP GUARD!!??

JR Smith in excellent shape, not happy not starting, but he could turn out to be the x-factor this year. the best 6th man in the league usually plays for the best team in the league.

Carmelo in super shape, one of the deadliest shooters in the league, if not the best, seems to be ON! looks like he's getting along with everyone, and is accepting of whatever role in order to WIN! he is awesome!

With Felton starting, Kidd backing him up and getting key minutes wherever Woodson deems necessary, and The Prigger being the key 3rd PG, these three TRUE point guards will make everyone better this year, and their depth will be the difference! SUCH A BETTER SITUATION than last year!

WOOD SON! taking the wisdom of Red Holtzman to the next level, with a team of defensive players who know how to defend, and score.

This training camp got me so f*cking psyched, i'm about to bust! First Pre-game tomorrow! CAN'T WAIT!!

PS: one thing I didn't like was the scowl worn by James White. i don't think he belongs and would rather see Josh Howard on this squad.