Philadelphia 76ers.

○ The 6ers had a busy, productive offseason, and brought in Andrew Bynum. Though they lost the electrifying Andre Iguodala, the addition of Bynum, one of the league's premiere centres, is a huge boon for Philadelphia's playoff aspirations. In the absence of Kobe Bryant in LA, Bynum put up 23 and 14 boards, including rebounding games of 30 and 18.

He's the focal of the 6ers offence now, and though he'll be rested often with Hawes backing him up, he'll no doubt have a career season, and put up stats worthy of All NBA notoriety.

○ The 6ers also signed Jason Richardson, and will bring in Nick Young to add to a very deep 2 guard rotation that still boasts Evan Turner, who improved in leaps and bounds last season. So they have no lack of back court offence.

Jrue Holiday, one of the league's more daunting back court defenders, will be back to add to his ever improving game, too. He put up an impressive 16, 5 and 5 last season, and with Bynum setting picks and hammering down the low block, look for Holiday's game to be given some real slack offensively, making him all the more dangerous, as well as providing better looks for their perimeter shooters.

○ SF-PF Thaddeus Young will also be back for another solid year, and his all around game on both ends brings the 76ers closer to the East's elite. His versatility is key.

○ Doug Collins is a brilliant coach. He'll be making the most of his new roster, but a lack of depth at the 4 will cause him some headaches as he looks to implement his bench.

Head to Head: Melo has always thriven against the 76ers, and he'll be our Mr Reliable throughout all of the season VS Philly. Tyson and Camby, again, will be a struggle for Bynum. Until Shump's back and Brewer's himself again, the advantage is clearly ours. Until then, the 2 guard is their main advantage.

East seeding prediction: 5th or 6th. Depending entirely on the health of the oft injured Bynum. If he has a healthy season as the new go-to-guy in Philly, look for them to be a team nobody wants to meet in the 1st round.