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Everyone needs to stop pissing their pants.
- Courtney Lee isn't that good, but with Bradley probably the starting 2 they will have a solid lineup, probably finish 2 seed but not guranteed, definately a top 4 finish in East.
No one's pissing their pants. Being nonchalant isn't the way to go though.

Bradley's health is still uncertain after shoulder surgery last season, as far as I know.

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What scares me about the Celtics is Rondo. The rest of the team doesnt really scare me, maybe Pierce a little bit. He seems to cancel out Carmelo head to head, more on this later but back to Rondo. I really think Rondo could be the MVP this year, he showed me things in the playoffs last year that i hadnt seen from him. He was hitting clutch shots and its not even his shot so much, if he can ever play with confidence consistently and not let one bad play shake him up, watch out. This dude can take over a game with is defense and offense, the only player i think does this better then him is Lebron.

If U dont have a good gameplan for slowing Rondo down he will painfully rape you deep and hard with no vaseline. Kidd would receive the most brutal raping of all our players, Felton would do a little better. Im not even sure if Shumpert and Brewer could get the job done but hopefully one of them can and then we got Camby/Chandler to protect the rim. If we can slow Rondo, I think we're better then Boston but thats a very difficult task. Those old f*ggots dont really scare me that much even though KG still goes hard.

And Carmelo needs to show Pierce who's boss already, theres no way Old man pierce should even be mentioned in the same breathe as Melo at this point.
Fully agree! Rondo's in for a stellar year, and the added youth and speed are gonna exacerbate things for teams trying to stop his P&D/transition prowess.