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Idk if the Bulls are done, they have Deng and Boozer, and that's a combination that can put up serious buckets, plus they're surrounded with amazing role talent:

Jimmy Butler
Nate Robinson
Richard Hamilton
Taj Gibson

They're still a strong team and they'll come together with Rose out, so that when DRose comes back to hang nuts, forget it bro! I see them at 50+ wins on some legit ****.
Hinrich will be fine running the offense, they have enough scorers to be competitive. It's when they go up against the top tier. Then again depth is something they definitely have, while the top tier teams have top 5 players, but little else after that. So they should have no problem squeezing into the playoffs, now how far they go depends on Rose. Right now given the ACL and recovery/rehab time, he may not even be "100% or full speed" by summer time. Who knows, I'd watch Rubio to see how long it takes someone in general to get back to normal.