Sheed signing is official and we now have the oldest team in NBA History.

Now....this "Oldest Team in NBA History" is over exxggeratted because
1.all of the above 37 year old players were brought in as backup and T.C. is our oldest starter at 30

2. 2 of the plus 36 year old players are not expected to play (Pablo P. and Kurt) so that sway's the theory we could dead the statistic by just cutting KurThomas and signing one of the 3 rookies working out! The Knicks plan is embraced by Knick fans and mocked by everyone else (what else is new) but at the end of the day it will have proven to be an affective method or a bust.

I think bringing in former All Stars as role players is brilliant. I thought it was a smart move for Boston to have added Sam Cassell (39 years old) when they won The NBA Championship. It was smart of for Mia. to have added Gary Payton when they won their first NBA Championship.

Karl Malone was 40 when The Lakers signed him (and 36 year old Payton)

Ron Harper won his first NBA Championship as a Bulls PG at 35 and last w/ Lakers at 38

David Robinson won his last Championship at 37

Older players are the perfect role players in my opinion

See there is a lot more balance with age than people think.....see for every over 37 player actually expected to play there is a young player playing in front of them who is expected to do the leg work


Only time will tell how it plays out