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Smokes, please GTFO AND STFU!

You are not D1 bro, last I checked there are like 200 people in D1!!!!!! In the world!!

Dude if you're D1 and you hate the game, that's a statistical anomaly or you are dishonest!!! I don't think you're dishonest, but I don't think you're d1!!!

Yo, **** is tough, smokes. I'm d10 again and I'm something like 15-6-88 right now, can't win for **** dude!!

Then again, maybe I'm just garbage at anything other than first person shooters, I don't know.

Still, the first touch, bouncing off the guy, that's the point!! In real life the ball is not magnetized to your feet!!! You can have sloppy first touches!! And this is the first FIFA that I have seen sloppy first touches in!!! So it's great.
The first touch thing would be good if it worked like it should.

But a chipped through ball travelling 50 yards will still be controlled perfectly by an average, 90 pace player.

While a slow moving ground pass will be miscontrolled by the likes of Messi.

It's too random bro. It simply doesn't work.

Actually most of the people who play this game a fair amount agree sh*t just ain't right this year. If you spend any time on the FIFA 13 forums you'll see just that. Enormous threads filled with complaints about the game.

They definitely got all the right elements in this years game, they just need to balance those elements so the game plays like it should.