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    Default Homophobic and discriminatory comments

    I don't write much here. As much as I love the Knicks and constantly follow every move, I guess I'm a pretty casual fan. (I do come here pretty much every day.) One thing that strikes me, even though I cannot blame anybody specifically, as it's pretty much a general societal thing, is the sometimes veiled and sometimes direct homphobic attitude displayed. The comments. The jokes. Sometimes that is a sign of a repressed homosexuality, sometimes it's a desire to be on top of the dominant social norms, the funniest, the coolest. I can't judge, but I can say that we do need to aspire to something more.

    I just saw this vid. I think, it is extremely human. Independently of our sexual o gender preferences and orientations, we should all be able to relate to it. It's time we can all love in peace.

    (Ps. How can I embed a video?)

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