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    Default Chandler: Lin couldn't run an offense.

    Was that someone criticizing Jeremy Lin at Knicks camp? While Knicks coach Mike Woodson has run from the Lin issue, center Tyson Chandler was blunt, saying Lin was too “inexperienced’’ and their point-guard trio of Raymond Felton-Jason Kidd-Pablo Prigioni is an upgrade over last season’s Lin-Baron Davis-Mike Bibby troika.

    “Baron was hurt and Jeremy was a young point guard who was just learning and figuring out an offense,” Chandler said. “It was nothing against them and it was definitely nothing against Baron.

    Jeremy was a young point guard who was inexperienced, who brought a great light to the organization. But as far as being able to run the offense and putting players in the right position he just wasn’t there. We got some veteran point guards that are capable of doing that.”


    Chandler on SHAQ's comments re the league's best pivots.

    Chandler also took issue with Shaquille O’Neal, who on TNT named the NBA’s two best centers as Brook Lopez and Andrew Bynum. Dwight Howard wasn’t the only one slighted.

    Chandler, reigning Defensive Player of the Year, called Shaq’s rankings “comical.’’

    “I was watching SportsCenter this morning, eating breakfast in the team lounge, and was laughing at the whole thing,’’ Chandler said. “I honestly think it’s comical. I don’t care about rankings.

    “That’s one individual’s point of view. I know where I’m at. I know what my value is. And I know I have to continue to get better.’’

    During the Olympics, Chandler told The Post it was ‘ridiculous’’ the coaches voted him second-team All Defense and not first team after he won Defensive Player of the Year. This season should be Chandler’s best shot at making his first All-Star Team with Howard out West.

    “That’s been my career,’’ Chandler said of being overlooked.

    Chandler, who led the league in field-goal percentage with a club record 67.9 percent, vowed he’d become more versatile. Big-man guru Hakeem Olajuwon came to Westchester for a week last month to work with Chandler.

    “It gave us a foundation to work on,’’ Chandler said. “Every move he gave me isn’t going to work for me but I can take pieces of it.

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    Defnitely upgrade if we talk about real PG role.
    Lin, Davis, Bibby, no one of them is or ever was a real PG.
    Prigioni and Kidd are first pass point guards.

    ,,I don’t care about rankings."
    That's the point, stats doesn't play, the court will verify everything.

    67.9 percent
    Yup Ty, but most of your points are from alley-oops, you have to learn more from Olajuwon.

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    Love Tyson, but right now I think this is a case of heaping the **** on a guy that is not around anymore. Not saying it's wrong or whatever, just pointing out the situation.

    It is good for morale if he will downplay Jeremy Lin, so that the current team will come together closer and hug. Nothing unites men better than a common enemy.

    Taking it with some grains of salt.

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    I agree, little bit of JLin could of signed with the Knicks but he didn't so he's a traitor, he wouldn't be saying this about him if he was still a Knick.

    Lin vs Felton is going to be one of the sub-themes this season, if Lin has a great year and Felton sucks there's going to be a lot of b**ching and moaning about the Knicks and Dolan. Odds are that won't happen, Felton and Kidd do have a ton more NBA experience than Lin so we should be set at the PG position.

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    the only stat that matters in terms of comparisons between lin and felton are wins. felton wasn't brought here to be a superstar. he's here to run the team. lin can score 20 and avg. 8 assists, but if the knicks are winning nobody will care.

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    is this exactly a surprise? of course he was inexperienced being a d leaguer, he has a long way to go, and so did the people he was passing to..
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