It's hard to predict anything at this moment, but if anything I hope Melo's ppg stays about what it did last year and Amare sits on the 21-23ppg mark. We know Melo can light it up for 30-45 on any given night but I really hope Amare gets more invloved and we get a legit 1-2 punch from them on offense. We have plenty of possible 3rd options on offense with Smith, Felton and Novak at times but I hope individual stats are put aside for getting the player in the best spot the shot. Hopefully with more people involved in the offense, Melo and even Amare won't have to carry the load and can put the same effort into defense.

I think Amare & Melo's rpg numbers will stay the same, I expect them to commit more effort to defense and rebounding but we now have a stellar rebounding front court and even our back court can board if need be.

I think Kidd and Wallace's impact will be stuff that doesn't always show up on the box score. With that in mind:

Felton - 12ppg/8apg (less minutes with Kidd behind him, focus on pass first and running the offense)

Smith - 13ppg/3ap/3rpg (great all round impact and will shoot smarter with a full year of Woodson's tutelage)

Melo - 22ppg/6rpg/4apg (hoping for an increase in his passing and playmaking, less boards with Camby & Chandler there, emphasis on getting back for D)

STAT - 22ppg/8rpg/2apg/1.3bpg (think his intensity on the boards will improve but wont change due to great rebounding front court, increase in assists as Olajuwon worked on passing from the post and defense too)

Chandler - 12.5ppg/9prg/1apg/2bpg (More ppg due to his work on offensive moves over summer, slightly less rpg due to camby as a backup and also more bpg as his defensive intensity can be higher without the worry of fouling out

Key reserves:

Kidd - 6ppg/5apg/4rpg (so so impact on the box score but his impact will be felt on the defensive, leadership ends and running the offense. Would like to see him on the floor often when Amare is sitting so he can utilise his chemistry with Chandler and Felton/Amare can get the PnR going.

Camby - 5ppg/8rpg/2.5apg/1.4bpg (solid contributions across the board, slight decline from last year and a good passing center, solid defensive anchor for the 2nd unit.

Novak - 7ppg/3rpg/1apg (Will get a few shots per game but will sit a lot during close defensive based games. Expect a lot of 12-15 point games but quite a few 3-4 point games as well.

Shumpert - (on return) 9ppg/3apg/3rpg/1.8spg (I know he is waiting to be 100% for his return but I feel he will have some trouble adjusting to the team and will bring it on D, but won't get a hell of a lot of shots under Woody's system. Good rebounder for his size and sound passer.

Way too hard to predict Sheed or any of the other bench players contributions, haven't seen enough of them.