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I think there's much more love than hate for Melo on this forum.
EVERYONE appreciates the scorer that he is, and it's highly likely he's going to be
in the NBA top 3-5 being the number one scoring option on the Knicks.

I'm going to predict JR Smith will lead the league in 6th man points.
Am I going to make a thread dedicated to my prediction?

The only hate for Melo is based on the fact that he continues to hold the ball in ISO,
did not share the brick in postseason, and was not as avid a defender like he was at
the beginning of the 2012-13 season.

Love him, hate him, every Knick fan appreciates wins, and just about every loss
is pinned on Melo. that's just the way it is when you're the #1 guy.

just a slight diss to OBM, he knows i'm his #1 fan... love him/hate him.
You're right. But melo deserves no hate. Yes he deserves some criticism but how can people hate on him like they do. But yeah this didn't have to be a new thread haha

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