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Alright fellas, it's time for my 2:

- our website looks like it's designed in the early 90s, which means it needs a serious graphics update. I know rady is currently working on the forums design, but if we want to make KO a key player, our site has to be redeveloped and redesigned.
- we need regular beat writers, who'll cover all Knicks news on a daily basis, the latest news on our site come from the 2010 offseason...

Seriously folk, more visitors on our site = more new posters. Besides, there are some minor things like sig size we need to take care of.
This guys right this site is cool but it's not the best looking the Laker site I post at Lakernation from an aesthetic standpoint looks a lot better.

But Ive actually told a few ppl about this site since most of my friends and half my family are Knicks fans. My older brother who's a Knicks fan actually signed up but I don't think he's ever posted.