If you are like me you hate any player that used to be with us and is now with another team...now this is nothing personal, yet because I hate to see anyone thrive that we let go...I hate on them

For instance....when Gallo was a Knick he was the best shooter in the league, now as a Nugget I call him one dimensional!

If that makes me a "Homer" then sign me up!!!!

So I'll be hating on Lin (majorily) Douglas,Feilds Jorts, and Jerome Jordan the same way I did to past Knicks such as the before mentioned Gallo or past young players the Knicks let go like Jackie Butler until they are no longer relevant (mission completed years ago with Jackie Butler)

So in light of a solid night from Jerome Jordan (good post Toons) and tonight being Jeremy Lin's first night as a Rocket I have come up with this thread

So far here is what we have so far

Landry Feilds put up 7 pts on 3-5 shooting and 1-1 from 3 the other night

Jerome Jordan had 13 and 5

Forgot to check in on Jorts

and like I said Lin and Douglas take to the floor tonight.